Prepositions Chart (at, on, in)

This prepositions chart explains how to use three of the most common prepositions in English along with examples.



Other Uses:


Specific times:
at noon
at 9:53am
Specific addresses:
at 262 Main Street
Specific places or points:
at my desk
at the airport
at the street corner
at school
at 100 degrees
at the 200 meter mark


on Sunday
on Valentine's Day
on March 21, 1974
on Willow Road
Surfaces or metaphors relating to surfaces:
on the wall
on TV
on Earth
on the table
on a bus
on the way
on the committee (because you're 'sitting' on it)
on my mind (ie. the surface of your mind)


Larger units of time:
in July
in 1945
in the 80's
in the 21st century
Larger places:
in Vancouver
in Texas
in Germany
in Asia
Closed spaces or anything one can be 'in the middle of':
in a vase
in the room
in her hand
in this situation
in a fight
in an accident
in motion
Note: Do not use at, on, in before last, next, this, or every (e.g. - I will see you on next Sunday).

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